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30 січня 2008 р.
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  15:45 10-11-2016 -   Кількість кримінальних правопорушень на Львівщині зросла на 16%  
  15:44 10-11-2016 -   У Львові за допомогою гіпнозу пограбували жінку  
  15:44 10-11-2016 -   У "Львівській політехніці" студентам пропонують роботу  
  15:44 10-11-2016 -   У Бориславі раніше судимий поранив двох чоловіків з травматичної зброї  
  15:43 10-11-2016 -   На Стрийщині івано-франківець обікрав три церкви  
  24:20 08-05-2015 -   Вагітну 14-річну дівчинку міліція привезла в гінекологію  
  24:3 08-05-2015 -   Житомирські оперативники розкрили вбивство, замасковане під пожежу  
  23:59 08-05-2015 -   На Полтавщині ревнощі чоловіка ледь не забрала життя жінки  
  23:54 08-05-2015 -   Заарештована спільниця підозрюваних у вбивстві київських міліціонерів  
  19:49 27-01-2008 -   A president calls Party of regions to halt speculations on the theme of NATO  
  19:55 27-01-2008 -   Italian premier Romano Prodi submitted resignation  
  19:54 27-01-2008 -   Brazil authority will inculcate severe approvals for the barbarian felling of Amazonkа's jungles  
  19:52 27-01-2008 -   In China found a skull to which 100 thousand years  
  19:51 27-01-2008 -   The Italian designer Valentino said goodbye to the world of fashion  
  19:51 27-01-2008 -   On the railway station of Berlin the exhibition of memory of victims of Golokostu was opened  

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Поступ 1999-2002 рр. у попередній версії

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Sheva Tips Pato For Milan Success
Mark Hinton, Goal.com
Alexandre Pato will become AC Milan's new Shevchenko - according to no less an authority than Ukraine's San Siro legend himself...

Andriy Shevchenko knows better than most what it takes to be a top striker at AC Milan. And he tipping youing forward Alexandre Pato to inherit his mantle at the San Siro.

Shrvchenko left Milan for Chelsea in he summer of 2006, and while he has struggled to make a consistent impact with the Blues in London, the Rossoneri have similarly strugged without him.

Milan have not yet managed to fill the void left by Shevchenko in their attack, but they may hav found the answer with the 18-year-old Brazilian Pato.

Pato only received clearance to make his Milan debut in January, but has already scored three goals in three games, including a brace against Genoa on Sunday.

He wears the number seven shirt that Shevchenko made his own, and the Ukraine striker is watching the Brazilian's progress with approval.

"He has a way of playing which is similar to mine," Shevchenko told the Gazzetta dello Sport.

"He understands the game and finds gaps. I never liked standing still, and I can see that he doesn't like it either.

"At only 18, he is already so good."

Pato has age on his side, considering that Shevchenko made his debut for Milan when he was already 22.

However, Sheva made his Champions League debut for Dinamo Kiev and scored his first goal in the competition aged 18.

He observed: "Pato has team mates who will help him grow.

"People who have a different vision to others; I'm talking about Pirlo, Kaka, Seedorf.

"To play alongside players like those provides a guarantee to a striker."

Shevchenko was at Milan for seven season, winning the Scudetto and Champions League.

Now 31, he is targeting winning more medals with Chelsea, despite a difficult first 18 monbths at Stamford Bridge.

He told the Italian sports newspaper: "My life is at Chelsea now, I have served my time with Milan. I am at a big club and the team is doing well. Life is not only about the past.

"I am delighted with the mark I left behind at Milan and gave the best I had in seven glorious seasons.

"I love Milan and I love Italy, and I have always said that. There is always somebody to take your place and the future is Pato."

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Ballack and Shevchenko content at Chelsea
By Vicki Hodges, Telegraph.co.ua
Michael Ballack and Andriy Shevchenko have reaffirmed their commitment to Chelsea and said they see their long-term futures at Stamford Bridge.

The Germany and Ukraine internationals have struggled to make an impact in west London following their joint-arrival in the summer of 2006.
A1plus, Armenia
Leading footballers of “Banants” Samvel Melkonian and Ararat Arakelian will henceforth play in “Metalurg,” Donentsk, although some German clubs have taken interest in the Armenian sportsmen.
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